Sunday, December 17, 2023


As we head into the holidays, it got me thinking -- as a Hollywood denizen and lover of all things Christmas -- what I'm truly grateful for. Here's my top 10 list for 2023...

1) That I still say "Merry Christmas" and haven't been cancelled by the PC police.

2) My clients who continue to find value in my opinions, knowledge and abilities, even if they're often paying me to tell them how much I disagree with them.

3) No-shell chili roasted pistachios.

4) Netflix for helping me find "Suits" four years after it finished it's run. (Harvey Specter, you're my hero.)

5) My wife for all the nonsense she puts up with, including (but not limited to) pulling the bed covers off her in the morning when she's already cold, beating up her Boo slippers, and telling her a food item is not spicy when it is and then watching her go into a full bore panic after she eats it.

6) Passing my first colonoscopy exam with flying colors, even if the anesthesia ran me two bills.

7) The Philadelphia Eagles for giving me yet another season where we might almost win a Super Bowl.

8) The Good Lord for taking my ailing father to a better place and giving my mother the strength to start a new chapter of her life without him.

9) Stock market dividends.

10) Cinephiles who shell out their hard-earned money to watch the content I create, and moreover, reach out to me with kind words about how inspired they now are to create their own content.

Thanks for reading. See you in the new year! Merry Christmas! :)

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