Saturday, August 26, 2017

Update: 2017 has been a pretty darn good year so far. Lots of work opportunities came my way, which means lots of opportunities for me to hire others!

My feature drama "Pray for Rain" starring Jane Seymour had a fantastic premiere at Arclight Hollywood and hit the shelves in July.

I have horror movie "The Basement" coming out later this year as well as China-produced new media series "The Offer," which I just completed post on.

I'm actively working on packaging big budget biopic "Walking on Palmettos" with producing partners Jim Christell and Ed Asner to shoot next year in LA and the Caribbean. I'm very excited about that one! (Music legend Dave Mason just joined our team as well!)

I'm simultaneously working with writer John Trasacco on the mini-bible for his comedic mob show "Bad Apples."

I'll also have some potentially new feature work coming up very soon, including a thriller from TDP Films and a billiards movie from longtime collaborator Nathan Ives.

Stay tuned!