Saturday, January 29, 2022

What's New in '22

We're already wrapping up the first month of 2022! I can hardly believe it. January was like an eye blink. But what a difference a month makes, eh? I feel the pandemic had people locked down for so long, they were just bursting to get out and create again -- and that's all really exploded in the last few months. I've had no shortage of new projects coming my way as well as the advancement of current projects. Here are some of the highlights:

- I just finished a script rewrite for a client in New York, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. (Hopefully the client feels the same way.) Titled "The Odd Son," the story follows an ex-criminal who gets paroled, but must serve as a caregiver for his autistic younger half brother who he didn't even know he had. He goes searching for the real father in order to get rid of him, but during their time together, begins to love him as his own. It's about what family really means and the journey from selfishness to selflessness.

- I have officially signed on to produce a new TV pilot in North Carolina to shoot in March called "The Montgomery Murders." Created by Jordan Ray Allen, the story follows a prolific black horror writer/actor working in radio during the 1940s who's driven to madness and eventually goes on a killing spree. In present day, a TV writer moves into the guy's old house and starts hearing his voice through the radio. The hope is that the pilot will be good enough for the show to be picked up by a network or streaming service.

- My feature project "Worth the Fight," about a young street fighter recruited into the legit boxing world, is being covered by BondIt right now. I'd be producing with my longtime colleague Jon Keeyes, while Sean McNamara (who currently has "The King's Daughter" in theaters) would direct. If BondIt likes the material, we're hoping they'll back offers to cast with the goal of shooting later this year!

- Another feature project, "American Saviors," with Scott McCullough attached to direct, is being considered by Miramax right now. The story centers on two dim-witted brothers who abscond with $4 million in dirty money, and while they're pursued across the country by criminals who want it back, begin to find their generous side and help out the people they come across.

- The animated feature "SPACEjunk!", which I developed with longtime client Jim Christell, is being considered over at Sony Pictures Animation.

- It appears as though my feature film "Take the Night" will be distributed through Saban Films, a very respected company, with a release to TV and home entertainment platforms later this year.

- I've worked out a new deal with Samaco Films to help develop film and TV projects with the company's clients. Our first project is for a promising young producer out of North Dakota who has a true story script about the miraculous landing of a flight in 1960 containing the entire Minneapolis Lakers basketball team. I'm currently breaking down and budgeting the project.

- Feature thriller "Homestead" continues in post production for a debut later this year.

- I recently gave my website a small facelift. Check out the new look here:

So again, as you can see, a great start to the year. If January is this busy, I can't wait to see what February holds! Sheesh! Thanks for following...

Ciao for now!