Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here's a treatment for a Foot Locker spec spot I wrote. See what you think...

“My Court”

We start on a young, athletic, well-built BLACK MAN walking down the steps of a courthouse. He wears a suit and holds a briefcase.

He arrives at an outdoor basketball court with no one around. He sets down the briefcase and starts taking off his tie, then his jacket, then his buttoned-up shirt to reveal a sleek nylon tank top underneath. He slips off his pants and shoes to reveal a pair of gym shorts, then slides into a pair of brand new high-tops. He stands up and faces the hoop.

During this, we hear his voice-over:

“This is my court… It won’t ask me how my day was… Or whether I’m ready to proceed... This court doesn’t exchange pleasantries...”

BOOM. Suddenly our main man explodes to the basket in a series of slam dunks, reverse dunks and lay-ups, intercut with threes, jumpers, dribbling and the kind of sick ball handling that would impress Phil Jackson.

We continue to hear his voice-over as we watch this awesome display:

“But it doesn’t have any objections either… It doesn’t require any witnesses… There doesn’t have to be order at this court... Here, “all rise” has a whole different meaning… At this court, I’m the law… It doesn’t care if I take the fifth… In fact, it’s better if I don’t talk at all... This is my other practice…”

We see him go up for one more monster dunk, which changes from REGULAR SPEED to SLOW MO and back again, as we hear his final voice-over explain:

“Here, I’m the judge, jury and executioner.”

We show a CLOSE-UP of his face – it’s serious, a game face.

And then a FLARE CUT takes us to the FOOT LOCKER logo.