Saturday, September 30, 2017


As we move into fall, I already find myself thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas -- turkeys and sweaters and football and all those things that make Hallmark holidays so special. Oh, and being grateful for all that we have! Can't forget that one.

So what do I have? Other than a wonderful wife, great family, friends, my health, and my own little slice of the American dream, I also have a pretty awesome career doing what I love to do. Here's a few of the things I've got going on between now and year's end:

- My horror feature "The Basement" (starring Mischa Barton) will be premiering at Shriekfest On Saturday, October 7th. Here's the trailer for those who are curious:

- I am attached to produce a super cool techno-thriller called "LITU" for TDP Films, which will either start production later this fall or shortly after the new year when the financing has been finalized.

- Lambda Tree Productions was so ecstatic about how Chinese new media series "The Offer" came out, that they now have asked me to oversee the creation of all marketing materials, including the ad spots and key art, which will be done sometime later this month.

- "Walking on Palmettos" writer Jim Christell and I recently made an offer to Jake Gyllenhaal for the starring role, and we're simultaneously approaching investors for the remaining third of the budget we need. Check out this sizzle reel that tells a little of the story:

- My feature "Comfort," which was released back in February, was just made available on Amazon Prime. So if you have an account, check it out here:

- I continue to work with clients on script development, budgets and business plans. A few of these projects I feel have real potential in the marketplace, including a comedic version of "The Sopranos" and a boxing drama called "Worth the Fight."

Despite all this, let me be clear -- I'm still available for producing gigs, so feel free to reach out to me through my website if you feel I can be of service:

In the meantime, just remember, those holidays will be here before we know it!